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Fine Art & Murals

Discover the harmonious blend of fine art techniques in Shane Turner's emotion-filled canvases.

Navigate the colorful realms of this artistic universe, where emotion and detail dance together. 

Shane, also known as S.g.l Turner, is a dedicated full-time artist who has honed his craft since 1997. His artistic journey spans over two decades, characterized by a profound commitment to creativity and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. Throughout the 1990's and beyond, Shane has fearlessly delved into various artistic realms, seamlessly blending different mediums to produce remarkable and visually striking results. His passion for intricate and highly detailed works of art adds an extra layer of fascination to his creations. Prepare to be enchanted by the artistry and sophistication that emanates from Shane's profound talent and dedication.  

Discover the evocative art series featuring three powerful images. The first image, titled "Phantasmagoria," unveils a transformed painting portraying a young African woman on the side, longing to embark on a journey while contemplating the bittersweetness of leaving behind her roots.  Experience the poignant portrayal of isolation in the second image, named "Silence." This captivating side profile of a young African lady captures a hauntingly isolated expression as she gazes into the distance, inviting introspection and reflection.  Dive into the thought-provoking triptych art piece showcased in the third image. It delves into the intricate progression of insanity through the depths of depression, unfolding a visual narrative that explores the complexities of the human mind.  Immerse yourself in this captivating series of artwork that invites you to contemplate themes of longing, isolation, and the multifaceted nature of the human experience. Each image encapsulates emotions and narratives that resonate deeply, offering a transformative journey through the power of visual storytelling. Explore the profound artistry and connect with the essence of these compelling images today.


Original Paintings

"Phantasmagoria" - A transformed painting depicting a young African woman on the side, torn between the desire to embark on a challenging journey and the fear of losing the familiar life she knows.


In a painting set during a great depression, a side view of a beautiful woman with minimal makeup. Her flowing hair forms a mist down an abandoned street, symbolizing a curfew that restricts her movement. A staircase made of her hair curls down her neck, leading to an underground tattoo representing the risks she takes for human interaction. Pale-faced, her makeup fails to conceal her fear of being caught. This evocative artwork captures the struggles of seeking connection in a time of limited freedom and heightened apprehension.


A captivating painting by Shane Turner, enveloped in a cold blue-grey hue, evoking a sense of tranquility and stillness. The artwork invites silence, capturing a profound and intimate moment between two individuals, lost in each other's gaze, as the world around them fades away for a split second.

Dance me till the end of love

A captivating painting by Shane Turner showcasing a green-skinned African princess with a determined gaze. Her flowing forest-like hair contrasts against crashing ocean waves. A majestic phoenix's eye aligns with hers, embodying Africa's unwavering spirit. Symbolizing strength and resilience, this artwork exudes power and the desire to overcome adversity.




Jax Place Guesthouse- Johannesburg South Africa 

The Spiral Tree- Longford Ireland

Emerald Resort & Casino - Vanderbijlpark, South Africa  

Villaggio Mall - Doha, Qatar 

Niall Horan Mural - Mullingar Ireland

Browne's the Venue - Tullamore Ireland

Rustic Roots  - Athlone Ireland


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