Buying A Painting.

1. How will I know if the artwork will suit the space?

The concern of placing artwork in spaces where they belong is important to us, so we offer you the opportunity to view before you commit, but how?

Email us,  Mention the painting that you are interested in, and request a visual.

 1.Include a photo of the space were you would like the painting to be placed.

 2. Include a measurement:  Wall Hight or Width, ( as long as we have a point of reffrence for measurement we can place the painting digitally into the photo.)  

 3. We  will respond with a photo of your wall and it will digitally altered with a visual of the painting hanging there for you to view. Personalized service for your peace of mind.

​Remember to include your name and contact information when emailing...

2. You like the art work but haven't found the ‘One’.

Creating custom pieces  to suit your needs is a big part of Shane's journey.

Email us,  If you are not completely certain of the painting you would like to commission, open a discussion with Shane and he will design the painting to suit your style

Shane will work with you personally by email, WhatsApp, or the good old fashioned telephone.

3. Sorry I don’t take magic beans , I won’t fall for that twice.

The commission of a painting follows a strict procedure. Once a quotation is accepted, a deposit is payable upfront and the balance is due on delivery.

A bank (IBAN or BACS) transfer is my preferred method of payment and will be requested prior to shipping or delivery. I also accept Revolt , PayPal and all major credit cards via PayPal. 

4.  I Can’t afford that painting right now but I have the perfect space for it.

See something you like  but don't have the funds at the moment? We have all been there and we would hate to have one of our babies ending up in the wrong home.

Available options are:

5.  Size Matters?

The size of each art piece  is listed in the description alongside the corresponding images in the gallery.

Commissioned paintings can be made to fit the final destination. Shane has produced paintings on canvasses up to 11 meters long and 3 meters high and as small as a postcard.

"To have one of my paintings made larger or smaller to suit your needs is not a problem"

6. Delivery

I have a few options available for delivery:

‘Tube’ delivery. If you are wanting to have the painting framed this is the best and cheapest option for delivery. We will separate the painting from its stretched frame and secure it in an air tight and water proof tube that can be delivered directly to your framer, ensuring less chance of any mishaps. This applies to all canvas and paper produced paintings.

‘Shipping Crate’: Larger paintings can be shipped already stretched for instant installation on arrival. The crates are made to order  to ensure the safety of your new artwork.

Customs in your country may charge import duty or a handling fee; this is not covered by us and you may be liable for it. Please check beforehand.